Saturday, April 12, 2014

Speedup your computer and mobile

Let's start with the first post. This is a problem often encountered by us people, whether it is on computers or personal mobiles.


After running the popular CCleaner (and "wiping free space", if you knew), feeling deceived? Well, let's look at the factors slowing down your computer:
  • Crap toolbars in your browser(s)
  • Crap softwares
  • Heavy-load softwares in your machine
  • Once-used softwares
  • Disabled automatic updates
  • Registry
  • Fragmented file pieces
  • Previously deleted file fragments (Shift+Delete, too!)
  • Heavy-load services running in background
  • Many softwares in startup
  • Inefficient useless protection utility
  • Rootkits, spywares and malwares
Start off with the first solution, and in this order only. Disable and uninstall all toolbars (except probably the Video Downloader toolbar). Now uninstall all crap from your computer, and opt for small-sized, efficient utilities for your computer. Uninstall once-used softwares from your computer and install them again when you want to use them. Now enable automatic updates and install only "important" or "critical" ones. Download free CCleaner and Defraggler (both from Piriform) and install both of them onto your computer. Run full hard drive defragmentation. This may take an hour per 100 GB of data. Now open CCleaner>>Tools>>Drive Wiper and set security as 3 passes. Wipe FREE SPACE ONLY for all drives, including your flash drives to optimise them. Now run Cleaner (the main function). Then run registry cleanup and on backup prompt, click NO. Close CCleaner and press Windows key+R to open Run. Type "msconfig" and click OK. Disable the services carefully or leave it untouched as it will be of little help to you. Restart your computer. Now run CCleaner>>Run Cleaner and then clean up registry. Your final job is to get a reputed security suite like Kaspersky PURE 3.0 or Norton 360. Nothing else.
Now your computer is considerably faster and useful.


Your Android-powered device is too slow within a couple of months' usage. Fret not, CCleaner Beta for Android is available (sorry, iOS users!). There is no problem of registry here. But crap apps are. Uninstall them. Run CCleaner continuously. One more thing for Android 4.0+ users: you can individually disable occasionally used apps without uninstalling them, but heavy apps might still cover a lot of disk space.

That's all for now. See ya back.

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