Monday, May 19, 2014

Android and SD Card slot

Hello! Today I am going to give you my opinion about a very fierce debate topic: needs of SD Card slot in an Android device. I know some may disagree with my opinion, but that's the way it is. For once, try to understand why I am saying so.

Yes, SD Card slot is a advantage. But the million-dollar-question is: why?
  • Phones with large inbuilt memory are costlier than a card slot component ($15)
  • Phones with large inbuilt memory are costlier than a SD card (32 GB - $10)
  • Songs and videos stored in SD card can be played in another device that is not an Android device
  • Convenience of replacing corrupted SD card; you cannot swap inbuilt memor
  • Phones with large inbuilt memory increase weight as compared to card slot component + SD card (difference ~ 4 grams - concern for companies more than you)
  • No dependence on PC to copy stuff and backups after phone reset which can be annoying for anyone, especially developers who experiment with custom ROMs
  • Easy backup sync to SD card, no dependence on costly cloud backup services in case of inbuilt memory devices
  • Less cluttering of inbuilt memory keeps phone performance speedy
Explanation for first two points: Apple and Google (and many others) do this and take a lot of money for phones with larger inbuilt memory (difference between 8 GB and 16 GB models ~$40)

The only disadvantage: when an SD card corrupts, you lose all your data in it. So can a phone's inbuilt memory, which is also a flash memory, after all. Do you really think that your phone has some sort of computer-like mini hard disc with secure NTFS file system? Such a fool you are!

So, if you challenge me with an argument on this topic, then I am ready with these six points to face you. Do comment on this.

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