Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coming up: Android 4.5 Lollipop

Hello! I am going to tell you something that is red hot in the tech world. Everyone is just guessing. From what I feel, here is a short description of what Lollipop can be:
  • Clean, sleek, iOS 7-like icons with circular background
  • Instead of grey fading, faded colour becomes red when side-slide menus appear
  • Interface is slower, impacting performance very slightly
  • Dialler goes blue coloured
  • Instead of 4 icons below on home screen, three icons each on sides of app menu in bottom-center of home screen
  • Google Now implemented everywhere, for almost all apps
  • New GMail Hera interface - cleaner
  • Improved Google Maps location service
  • Hexagonal back button
Here are the images to make it more clear what exactly Lollipop OS can look like:

android 4.5 interface
android 4.5 icons
 android new dialler 
android 4.5

android-chrome integration
google now everywhere

gmail hera

google maps updated
hexa navbar

Hope I am right and you support me. Do not forget to comment on this.

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