Friday, June 27, 2014

Microsoft and Internet Explorer: Blunders

Hello! I am very happy today because Filehippo is one of the few popular platforms to announce this: Internet Explorer is a big blunder. Yeah, everybody knows it and it can be proved at least in the cases of IE 6 or 7 or 8. But not IE 9 or IE 10 or IE 11. Check this out:

Internet Explorer has, is and always will be a blunder. Let's go back to the late 90's and get a brief insight of how Internet Explorer was born. There used to be this browser.. uh.. the Netscape Navigator (also known as the sea green coloured box with a white N).

old ie netscape icon

Netscape was an instant hit because there was no other browser in the market. Bill Gates with his slew of chiefs decided to ship Internet Explorer for free with its every copy of Windows. Netscape began incurring losses, and soon it went bankrupt. Internet Explorer was the undisputed king of web browsers. Mozilla was born at the Netscape headquarters in 1998 using the source code of Netscape, albeit with a few enhancements, what is now called the Firefox. This gave people choice and made the competition tough for IE. In around 2005, Q2, Mozilla engineers stopped developing Firefox and until now, is being developed by open source developers.

Why I am telling you this story is because Internet Explorer was, is and always has been a means to make money for Microsoft. Nothing else. Every time these fools release a new version of IE, hundreds of vulnerabilities come up. Then the patches. (LOL!) Such things never happen with Firefox or Chrome (though occasionally Chrome also fails to give security). So never ever try and realise that IE is a good browser. Microsoft only uses it as a means of money. Use Firefox (security) or Chrome (speed).

No IE, Yes Firefox

I am hoping for a nice debate on this, if you have read the full article.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Update: Firefox 33 Alpha 1

Hello! I have got you some sneaky peek into the latest nightly build of Mozilla Firefox, Nightly 33 Alpha 1. The newer browser is more optimised for performance, and the Chrome-like menu button is still there. The aesthetics of the interface are absolutely fine.

Nightly logo

The new feature, however, could be a breakthrough because it gives users the option to make voice calls via VoIP without the need for third-party apps or third-party dedicated software. The feature can be accessed by opening the Customize option from the menu button. You will get this.

Firefox customise call feature

Drag the caller icon aside the menu button and exit Customize tab. Click the caller button and you will get this.

Firefox make a call feature

Surprise! Probably you will need to enter the number of the person you want to talk and then get the URL for it to do so. There is also a Do Not Disturb option which probably means that either you will not get very flashy alerting by your browser to answer the call, or the person you want to talk to will not get disturbing flashy alerts.

I provide you the links from the directory of Mozilla to download the Windows, Mac, Linux and Android versions of this update here:




Android (without Mali GPU):

Android (with Mali GPU):

See ya guys! And feel free to comment  or ask anything.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

WinRAR 5.10 Final Review

Hello! The RARLab team has again given us a really complete final version of their flagship software WinRAR. The newer version is a must for everyone, implied that you must update to this version or if you have 7-Zip, change to WinRAR 5.10 Final immediately.

WinRAR 5.10

After WinRAR 5.00 came, it was seen as an archiver that lacked some features. Now it probably has become the most complete archive tool ever. It has the following new features:

Much improved RAR5 format compression and extraction

RAR5 format can utilise lots of processor cores and gives large dictionary sizes as compared to older RAR format

RAR5 format gives dictionary sizes upto 1 GB just like 7-Zip, but with much better compression

Extraction support for ZIPX archives using BZIP2, LZMA and PPMd compression.
Note: The ZIPX is the new WinZIP compression standard that gives RAR format a run for its money!

Extraction support for 7Z split archives (.7z.001, .7z.002, ....)

Improved RAR encryption and decryption performance

Complete 7Z support (except compression)

BLAKE2 hash checksum which is much better than CRC5 hash, which in turn gives high stability to RAR and RAR5 archives

Improved theme graphic view

So I expect comments on why you should change to WinRAR.