Sunday, July 20, 2014

Microsoft self-destruct countdown begins!

Hello! This is real important (what I am telling you) considering the events that are taking place. Microsoft is nailing its own coffin with its own hands! Surprised? Let's see how. Microsoft has been always, from the very inception of it (the company), profit-minded. It is one top-performing company that almost never goes in recession and has always upped the ante for other companies to improve user experience and productivity together. For example, Windows with its product MS Office and Outlook (earlier Hotmail) has been doing well since inception, particularly because there was no cheaper and non-complicated alternative those days back.

This is what Microsoft does every time. They ditch their own products once the market share is in their hands. They like to be the puppetmaster and let others be their puppets (or puppies :) ).

Internet Explorer was also released so that Netscape in those days could not hold grip of the web browser market. Now it itself is doomed.

Nokia X has been sold nicely across the globe, and has attracted Google cloud users, only to become Microsoft service users for a long time. Now they are ditching it.

They ditched Windows XP, only to force millions of users to buy Windows 7 with attractive schemes to give their own Windows-powered PC at discounts.

Now they will ditch Windows 7 in 6 months (updates will still come), only to force users to buy copies of Windows 8.1.

See this table to get an overview of the support and status of its products:

Microsoft products status

Windows XP was recently completely shut down. Windows XP users all over the world cannot buy new and powerful hardware and so some of them are changing their mainstream OS to Linux because it is free and uses less powerful hardware, thus making their hardware more usable. They can use Oracle VirtualBox or Wine utility to run Windows applications, which sorts out the mess. Macs are still expensive and cannot be bought by everyone.

So learn how to install Linux and start using it for the better so that once Microsoft is doomed, you are safeguarded from the apocalypse. Use VirtualBox or Wine for Windows applications. Tell me how Microsoft is dooming itself using comments.

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