Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The best CD/DVD burning tool for Windows, Linux and Mac

Hello! Just in case some fool out there thought my tech enlightenment mission has come to a halt, well... to each his own. I am now in college so.. err... *blushes* got very busy! I have reviewed the CD/DVD burning applications and have concluded the best for each OS family. This is a tough one, as the contenders are few and established.

So, what is a CD/DVD burning application? It does the job of writing/modifying data on physical CDs and DVDs to be able to use them at another place as portable media.

What about some parroting the new phrase “CDs and DVDs are dead”? Well, it may be true that USBs are speedier, pocket-friendly and physically more damage resistant, but that does not make it cheaper than CDs and DVDs for cheap widespread distributions. So, CDs and DVDs hold a lot of significance even today, especially in developing countries.

Here is the prioritised criteria I set for selecting the best applications:

  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight (no bloatedness)
  • Discs and standards support
  • Extra functionalities

Here are the contenders for the title: Nero Burning ROM, CDBurnerXP, BurnAware Free, K3B, Brasero, ImgBurn, Burn.


nero burning rom

Nero Burning ROM 17 (PAID)

A CD/DVD burning programs discussion cannot hold value unless the old warhorse is talked of. It used to be a pioneer (and still is) but it faces the wrath of people due to its bloatedness. A neat program that it used to be at the times of version 6 and 7, now it houses a lot of irrelevant functions.

Nero Burning ROM is the no bloat edition of Nero, that just burns discs the way it is supposed to. It supports all industry standards of discs like Blu-Ray Disc-XL and disc protection technologies like SecurDisc.


CDBurnerXP 4.5.6 (FREE)

It is the best free tool for the job. It supports Blu-Ray disc burning. Essentially a free Nero minus all the bloat.

The problems? It is only available for Windows. And it depends on .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, but a lot of programs need it so it won’t be as big a nuisance. If you don’t have it, you need its 230 MB installer.


BurnAware Free 8.6 (FREE)

Why are people even considering it as better than CDBurnerXP? It does not support disc to disc copying and does not house as much functionality for audio CD compilations.

Worst of all, it cannot be used commercially. But if you are a fanboy, well.. it’s a different case.


ImgBurn (FREE)

It is the holy grail of disc image manipulations. It is a toolkit for discs. A great sidekick to CDBurnerXP for me.



Brasero (FREE)

It is a built-in app in GNOME-based distributions like Ubuntu. Does all the disc burning jobs but falls short of Blu-Ray disc support.

NOTE: Blu-Ray support can be added to Brasero (



It is the burning app for KDE-based distributions. Falls short of Blu-Ray support.

NOTE: Blu-Ray support can be added to Brasero (

Nero Linux


This was the version released on December 22, 2010 as last version of Nero’s port for Linux distributions. It is a complete disc burning solution but comes at a cost (the price being license purchase for Windows).



Burn (FREE)

It is a great solution for disc burning purposes. It is not bloated. An alternative to the built-in CD/DVD burning utility.


So, we reach the end of this review. But, which ones are the best? Do we need to pay money for a disc burning program? No.

For Windows, go for CDBurnerXP. Apart from its dependency problem, it in itself is a rock solid program. For Linux, go for Brasero or K3B and enhance it using “growisofs” package. For Mac, go for the built-in utility or Burn.

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